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160A HOT “180A”

110A HOT @ idle

125A COLD @ idle

140A HOT @ 2500 Alternator RPM

  • GM or Chevy Trucks 1995-2017  (tahoe, suburban, sierra, etc)
    • All engines (minus the 2.2L early year models)
  • Ford trucks 1995-2017
  • Dodge Trucks 1995-2017

Includes the pulley logo color of your choice!

Power Makes Perfect!

Do you lack steady voltage or have low-idle output? If you have a large stereo or an off-road vehicle with extra lights and/or a winch, look no further than US Alternators to supply the power your vehicle deserves.


All HOT max ratings are measured at 6,000 alternator RPM, which is roughly 2,000 engine RPM depending on the vehicle's pulley ratio.

All HOT idle ratings are measured at 1,800 alternator RPM, which is roughly 600 engine RPM depending on the vehicle's pulley ratio. This idle rating covers 99% of vehicles made and more than likely, you will see higher ratings than we have posted.

Most pulley ratios are around 3:1 (6" diameter crankshaft and 2" diameter pulley).

To find your vehicle specific pulley ratio and rough estimate of how much power your alternator is making at a given engine speed, use the following formula:

Crankshaft Pulley Diameter / Alternator Pulley Diameter = Pulley Ratio

Pulley Ratio * Engine RPM = Alternator RPM

***These ratings are much lower than our competitors who rate their alternators at an idle speed of 2,500 alternator RPM and a peak speed of 8,000 alternator RPM. Many of their tests equal 833 idle engine RPM and 2,667 engine RPM. ***

 The Heart of Your Electrical System
Car audio and electronic enthusiasts often fill their vehicles with TV screens, lights, audio equipment and other aftermarket accessories causing their vehicles to create huge draws of power. Owners often upgrade their hood battery or add additional batteries in the trunk of the vehicle in hopes of satisfying the demand, but don’t understand that the alternator is the heart and power plant of their electrical system.

Size & Comparisons
We offer various sizes of alternators in both our small and large case hairpin lines. We also offer a budget line of slot-wound alternators that fit select GM and Ford vehicles. Our slot-wound units are made here in the USA. When idle is important, we will always recommend a large case option if possible.

US Alternators only advertises a HOT, realistic ratings that you will see while driving every day. When comparing to other brands, please make sure that you’re comparing hot ratings. Many competitors advertise a cold rating at a tempting price to lure in buyers. Most engine bays run around 200 degrees, not 70 degrees. Don’t be fooled by competitors’ cold output ratings!

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