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Our Story 

Judge dBDon with Wayne Harris of dBDrag RacingdBDirect was created by Donald Hebig, known throughout car audio world as dBDon, and his wife Ferne Hebig. Over the past 25 plus years, Donald has made an deep impact in the car audio and electronics industry. Wherever you are in the car audio game, he's been there. He' s been the young man scraping enough hard earned cash together to install his first system, and a manufacturer of his own line of subwoofers, distributing them internationally.  He's spent weekends and summers hitting every show he could find, and hours crunched up in awkward positions as an installer making other people's dreams a reality. He's done it all.  Don has assisted in many world record builds over the years. As well as create the foundation to the dBDRA format called Psychlone. As a Certified Judge, Don was also the person to first introduce clamp meters at the 2008 world finals Stock and Trunk classes while judging. This proved the viability of lowering the cost to compete through power classes and paved the way for DBDRA's new Magnums. Even bigger things are on the way.

dBDon & family fishingDon's passion for car audio shows in everything he does and his willingness to share his vast experience and knowledge with others is legendary. As one car audio enthusiast said, dBDon is "a good person to talk to and see what insight he could give you.. he's super cool." Ask anyone who knows Don and they'll tell you the same thing, if he can help you, he will. Of course it's not  all about car audio, Don's also an avid fisherman happy to spend plenty of time with his hook in the water and his family at his side.

Ferne Hebig, CFO dBDirect Distribution Inc.Don's wife Ferne is a Graphic Designer by trade, has her advanced certification in Local Government Authority from the University of Regina, is certified in Public Relations, and is also a pretty fantastic cook. Over the years she's thrown her hat into the ring in many areas including as a waitress/bartender, chef, hotel manager and more. Don is also a certified Water Treatment Plant Operator specializing in R.O. systems. This team of two has also raised three great kids, who have had a lot of their own experiences along the way. To the Hebigs, it's all about family, friends and living life to its fullest. From the time they could grasp a screwdriver or hoist one of Dad's trophies, the Hebig kids have always been right in the mix.

dBDon's youngest daughter ready to provide some tech assistancedBDon's daughter Julia thinks Dad's new build is her new playhouse

Ferne, her niece, friends Jess & Rosanna at one of All Out SPL's showsDon's son standing with the Blazer and the trophies

Ferne's skills and abilities combined with Don's passion, experience, and ideas makes for a dynamic duo that has been encouraging growth in the car audio industry for over 20 years. 

The Long Road

It's been a long road full of learning experiences for the Hebigs, from Don's first business with friend Sean Craig in 1995, to his first paid installation job at Audio Express in 1997, fast forward to Ferne coding their first website from scratch in 1999 for Beyond Audio/Inhuman Audio, their own subwoofer manufacturing company, and then helping Don create All Out SPL in 2008, to promote them as Saskatchewan's dBDrag Racing show promoters.

dBDon and the Bog Oki at dBDrag Racing World FinalsDon's also officiated within Canada, and worldwide in the USA and Brazil, as a dBDrag Racing Association Judge. Somewhere in there Don also found time to write freelance articles for Performance Auto & Sound magazine.

Ferne making burgers for competitors at all All Out SPL dBDrag showFrom driving for hours to and from car audio shows, to cooking up burgers and hot dogs to feed hungry competitors, they've been there in the trenches with you. Now they've even created their own Car Audio card game, SPL Battlegrounds, to bring families and friends together to celebrate car audio (The new Legends Edition will be available soon through dBDirect).

dBDon's SPL Battlegrounds car audio card game

Our Mission

dBDirect Distribution Inc. is the Hebig's way of helping to grow the car audio industry, especially here in Canada. Starting out small with just the two of them, Don and Ferne have quickly grown the business to include sales representatives and dealers in two provinces, with more to come. Beginning with a single Vendor, American Bass, they now have multiple vendors and provide one-stop shopping for car audio and related products in Canada. 2017 is just the beginning for dBDirect, and we're all excited to see where it will take us.

Want to see some of Don's infamous installs in action? Head over to dBDon's youtube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/dBDon1. It's where he will be posting product review and testing videos as well. Stay informed by subscribing!


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